“At OSF HealthCare, we have used First, Do No Harm, Parts 1 and 2 as the core of our safety training for over 700 leadership employees, including those with top leadership responsibilities. We found the films to be powerful tools for engaging our leaders and sparking important discussion and education in our safety journey.”

- John Whittington, MD, Patient Safety Officer/Medical Director of Knowledge Management, OSF Healthcare System


“The First, Do No Harm Series is an extraordinary achievement that brings to life many of the key systematic and cultural problems responsible for patient mishaps… Having used the First, Do No Harm Series with over 1,000 healthcare leaders I have found no other video series that both demonstrates these issues while also resonating emotionally with the audience.”

- Steven B. Meisel, PharmD, Director of Medication Safety, Fairview Health Services


“We use the entire series of First, Do No Harm videos with every new orientee to our hospital. The response to them is amazing. The message is well delivered and provides a long term impact for our staff.”

- Joanne Nathem RN, MS, Chief Nurse Executive, Montgomery County Medical Center


“The First, Do No Harm series bridges the gap between patient safety rhetoric and real practice change. Richly layered with characters, settings and events, the videos can be played many times for many different audiences.  Each viewing reveals flaws in the systems that are disturbingly familiar, poignant and eminently fixable.”

- William M. Sage, MD, JD, Vice Provost for Health Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin School of Law


“Fulfilling our moral and ethical responsibilities for quality care and advancing patient safety requires that we honestly examine the realities of our practice.  The First, Do No Harm series of films is an invaluable tool in confronting the realities, stimulating crucial conversations, and advancing quality safe care in a partnership among patients, family members, and staff.”

- James B. Conway, MS, Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement


“The First, Do No Harm films are extremely engaging building blocks…They help professionals viscerally appreciate the way they can be set up to fail - and their patients to be harmed - by poorly organized work systems. They also assist leaders to see the payoffs for investing in better teamwork, more thoughtful and compassionate disclosure practices, and increased transparency.”

- Troyen A. Brennan, MD, JD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Aetna


“This excellently executed film shows us the courageous path - also the safest path - to managing medical events that have involved harm. If all medical leaders and clinicians had the insight this film has to offer, the medical system could dramatically improve.”

- Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University


“First, Do No Harm is a compelling teaching tool used in a variety of educational programs offered to MICA insured physicians and their staff, as well as to third year medical students. Attendees report that the film is impressive and meaningful.”

- Judy Avery, RN, BS, Education Coordinator, MICA Risk Management Services


“The First, Do No Harm series has been and continues to be perhaps the most effective and important video-based learning tool in the patient safety arsenal: No healthcare professional who views it comes away unmoved. There is literally no one concerned with improving healthcare’s patient safety performance who does not need this series. No one.”

- John J. Nance, JD, ABC News


“[FDNH] … an excellent example of Reasons’ model of systems failure.”

- Harvard Business School, “Why Complex Systems Fail,” by Professor Steven J. Spear,

Case 5-604-083, November 2004


“A classic audiovisual presentation.”

- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patient Safety Network, www.psnet.ahrq.gov

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