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CHICAGO, December 28, 2009 – End of year 2009 marks a major milestone for p4ps® – our 10th anniversary.   We are grateful for all the opportunities we have had to work with dedicated people and innovative organizations since opening our doors in January 2000, dawn of the 21st Century!  Although ever impatient for improvement in the safety and quality of care, our work over the past decade has been enormously rewarding.  Thank you to all the amazing leaders, educators and advocates who have elected to work with us or use our educational products.


Exciting changes are afoot as Partnership for Patient Safety® moves forward into the new decade.


With this announcement, p4ps launches a redesigned website and a new secure, online platform for viewing our acclaimed First, Do No Harm® film series.  The Pay Per View options we now offer provide a range of new opportunities to build First, Do No Harm® content into your educational services and initiatives.


The First, Do No Harm® film series is now available in French as well, the product of a joint venture with Canada-based Salus Global Corporation.  Additional partnership efforts and educational tools are also in the pipeline, and we look forward to telling you more them in the coming months.


In September our offices moved to new commercial space in downtown Chicago. Please update your information on us if you have not already done so


Best wishes to all in 2010!


Martin J. Hatlie, JD



Mitchell L. Dvorak, MS, CAE

Chief Operating Officer

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